Crabtree Evelyn trio jojoba oil moisturizing body lotion, massage oil, bag


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You get 3 pieces.

1. Crabtree Evelyn jojoba oil moisturizing body lotion 16.9 oz
Quench and condition your body with this deeply moisturizing lotion.
With jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and glycerin
Also contains conditioning oat kernel extract and conditioning panthenol.
2. Crabtree Evelyn massage oil 6.8 oz:
The golden drops of our Jojoba Oil Conditioning Bath and Massage Oil are just the thing when you need a tension-releasing, muscle-relaxing massage.
Composed of six natural oils, including jojoba oil, this soothing blend nourishes your skin whilst hints of green herbs and citrus.
3. Crabtree Evelyn canvas bag